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Hello, my name is Jeff Saley.

I want to thank you for considering becoming a member of the Celestial Mission. The inspiration for the Mission came to me one day as I was reading some spiritual material. At one point the statement “we throw enough food away daily to feed all the hungry” was made. I couldn’t get that statement out of my head; it kept coming up over and over for days which turned into months. One day while vacuum packing some food the idea hit me. If everyone who doesn’t eat leftovers had a vacuum sealer and if somehow all that food could be taken to the organizations that feed the hungry, it would help immensely!

It was at this point I started formulating a plan to make this a reality. We would create an online community, we would give to all who request to help a vacuum sealer and we would transport the frozen, vacuum packed leftovers from everyone’s home directly to the organizations that feed the hungry. Not only that but we could have a member of the month prize and an annual awards banquet for every contributing member!

This brings us to where we are today, a community in its infancy, ready to grow and evolve. My hope is that we can make a significant difference in the amount of love and caring that we give to each other. If we can help everyone remember that we are all one, that what we do for another we do for ourselves and conversely, what we do not do for another we do not do for ourselves….if we can do that, we will have made a significant difference in our world. It’s been said that a sure sign of an enlightened society is how it treats the least of its members and I believe it is time that no one goes hungry.

I want to thank everyone for taking the time to come to our community and read a little about us. If you find that your heart is choosing to join our efforts please read all the safe food handling information and sign up! We will contact you through email to begin our journey together.

Love & Peace, Jeff


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